Against my better judgement . . .

Well, this weekend I did something against my better judgement–post on a craft board. Being a professional artist; I’m familiar with the various levels  (Artist, Artisan, Crafter)  but thought–“Why not be nice and try a new venue?”. So, I wrote my post and then discovered that since I was brand new that I was not allowed to post photos. Obviously, this makes promoting a project a little bit difficult. It seemed that links were allowed, so I posted the links to two free projects~ The ever popular Bildgewater Bedbug at my regular website and my new “Chick Sum” at the secure website.

Here’s my verbatim post~

“Fun Felt Food for grown ups!  (Why should kids have all of the fun???)

Details and additional photos at my blog.  Serving up a FREE sampler pattern to be posted this weekend.  Grin (Must haggle with contrary scanner.)
(Refresh page for updates.)

Students are WELCOMED to make and resell items made from my patterns.

In the meantime, here’s one of my blast from the the past free full sized toy patterns brought back with all of the bed bug publicity.  Meet Bildgewater–and this bedbug doesn’t bite!

Kelly Lynn Smith DBA Angelsun”

Bildgewater Bedbug FREE pattern!

“Chick Sum”  Chicken Dumpling FREE pattern.

This afternoon, I receive an email that my post has been placed in limbo since I’m attempting to promote my website and my blog.  So, my question is “How are you supposed to post the project?”. Although it is stated that one can use links;  apparently what they really want is either the copyright of the project or permission to republish.     So, I remain in their “Limbo” file with a thumbs down.

Put me out of my misery and kill me in the Craft Arena.  I deserve it for going against my better judgement. Could Spartacus do it?  I’ll die with a smile on my face. :)

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