Meet some of the newest Dwarf Gnome Dolls from Japan.  For the last few months, I’ve been searching for a place to purchase some Kobito-Dukan after seeing them on Facebook that will ship to the USA as unfortunately the main website will not.  :(

A few are available for purchase on eBay and Plamoya also carries a limited selection. Mostly, I collect only realistic type dolls but these have a strange appeal to me (“strange” being the operative word). My personal favorite is Hiding Peach Bottom (am fairly sure something is lost in translation) and I would love to be able to purchase the plush doll or the tissue holder.  If you have either of these items and would be willing to ship to the USA, please let me know. I would LOVE to have them and will feature them here on the blog.

I was able to obtain a few of the miniature Kobito figures via eBay( from seller: syouzikirou1–Excellent Service–arrived in 6 days from Japan) and had a great time photographing them this week.

Little Flower Head Kobito riding over the pond. A fish nearly got him. LOL This one is troublesome and is always fighting. It also hunts in small groups. Sound familiar?

Hiding Peach Bottom–hiding the bottom and happy with the peach.

Mountain Echo

It says that this one dislikes loud noises which seems kind of strange considering the size of his mouth and what apparently is a large echo chamber on his head. I’m not taking any chances. He is locked up in a ziplock bag.

Recent News reports have indicated that the Hiding Hairball Kobito may have immigrated from Japan. On July 11, 2012, photographic evidence was obtained in Hiram, Ohio USA showing the afghan hound Geisha (Tahkira Angelsun Memoirs) with a hiding hairball visible in her hair. I am fairly certain that these are the culprits for mats.

Mothman mystery solved. It’s only a House Princess Kobito.

Typical of a princess, she hogged the photo shoot.

Scouting out some jewelry. I think Princess needs a little tiara!!

I could not find the names of the Kobito below in English.  If you know, please email me and I’ll add them in.
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There are also a couple of free apps for the iphone featuring the Kobito (search kobito in the app store).  One is a field guide in English which gives the names of a few of the characters along with other information (very cute).  Add ons (stamps/masks) are available for .99 

Introduction to Observing Kobito  (English)

Introduction to Observing Kobito (Japanese but has the camera app which is fairly easy to figure out)

Kobito Cards (Japanese)

Hopefully, more information will be translated into English and a USA distributor will offer Kobito.  :)

Update: 7/19/12

Finally, a decent photo of Dapple Leaf Big Kobito.

Some more Kobito arrived including Big Udder (note the milk moustache) and Saintly Red Wing.

They learned English FAST

and Red Wing has a LOT to say. He complains about being picked up and kept in a Ziplock bag among other things. I think that he has inhaled helium from his red balloon. It seems to be affecting his speech among other things . . . BTW, “Toshi” is the Little Flower Head Kobito plushie that lives in our car.

Click to hear Saintly Red Wing Talk (PG Rated)

Oh, and the Kobito now have their own email. I am NOT responsible for any replies. Email them at you own risk.
Click to Email the Kobito

And here’s “Toshi” a Big Flower Head Kobito Plushie. The nails along with many other designs available at kaitlinskreations.com.

7/23/12 Major Rejoicing!! The Hiding Peach Bottom Set arrived from Japan!! They were ordered on the 11th, so that was a very good turn around time. How totally CUTE are they???

There are two sets of the figures included. I gave the second set to my daughter. You can get your own at:

Scaling the peach tree . . .

More Hiding Peach Bottom Photos at:
Angelsun Photos | Promote Your Page Too

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