Review of Custom House Shoes

I like shoes. To be more honest, I am somewhat of a shoe fanatic. Recently, I saw some very cute looking Lolita style shoes on Facebook and searched the web for something similar. They were a flat ballerina style, pink (my favorite color) and strappy. With all of the knee surgeries; I’m pretty much limited to flats now so am always on the lookout for something new and different.

Feet are interesting things. My daughter who is a professional nail tech sees a lot of them. I photograph them to show her nail designs. Neither of us have ever seen feet that would fit into these shoes.

The main issue for me finding Lolita style shoes is that they are made in Asian countries and most only go up to a US size 8. I wear a US size 10 and was glad to finally find a place that had the equivalent of a size 10. I understand that my feet are big but unfortunately, it is not one of those things that one can change.

So, OK–where are the Lolita Custom House shoes? Well, here are the photos.

These arrived almost a month to the day from the time that they were ordered.  The shoes were safely packed and in little shoe bags.

They are just as cute a button but who could wear these?

Note the huge gap in the toe area.

In response to the non-fitting issue, I was told by the company that the proportions on these larger shoes were correct. Well, sorry folks–they are NOT correct. I’m not sure what they are using for a reference model but it is WAY off. I have shoes from around the world including India and Pakistan and those all fit correctly.

Another suggestion by the company was to add insoles. Like 3 pair to fill in that gap? How could one walk on that?

The gap measures almost 3/4″!  WHO has feet like this? 

Looking back, it is very interesting to me that NONE of the photos shown where I ordered the shoes show a foot in them. The ones that I ordered are Model Number 011 and there is nothing custom about them. They are in European sizes which should convert to US sizes. I’ve purchased European shoes previously with NO problem. The Custom House Shoes are very WIDE also but the straps can pull that in.

So, it’s Buyer Beware on these Shoes. I paid via PayPal and filed a dispute since Custom House shoes does not take returns despite what it says on their website. Here is the link to their “return policy”. I asked to return these shoes and was refused.

I want to stress again that these shoes are supposedly standard size–there is nothing “custom” about them. I do extensive shopping online and rarely have any issues. I’ve been with PayPal since they first opened and referred many clients to them. This is the second time in 10 years that they’ve sided with the seller. To top all, I was not allowed to appeal the decision despite an email and phone call to them. Suffice it to say that I’m not happy with the shoes, the return policy, the supposed back up plan for online purchases via PayPal, or being out the money for something that I could NEVER wear.

Now, here are my feet. They are normal feet. No webbed toes like in Black Swan. I searched the web and couldn’t find any photos of that clip. If you see the movie, be sure to watch out for the scene when Nina is putting on her pointe shoes for opening night and you’ll see what I mean.


Bloch (I added the swans to the toes.) The Bloch shoes are European sized. This is how European sizes are supposed to fit.

Khussa from abroad.

Ed Hardy

Beverly Feldman

Chinese Laundry

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