You have to pay your dues?

Does anyone truly successful try to push this antiquated idiom on new people?  Those who harp on it over and over always seem to be those stuck in the same dead end job for the past however many years who try to keep new and talented young people in “their proper place”.  It’s my belief that “you have to pay your dues” is either repeated out of the fear of being bypassed over by someone more skilled with less experience or perhaps the offenders are trying to convince themselves.  More than likely, these people see talent and results—talent that they never had and results could never aspire to achieving. 

A REAL mentor will encourage such a talented new person every step of the way INSTEAD of insisting that one must endure suffering (and doing everything in their own power to make the person miserable).  While it is rare that success happens over night, one need not be tortured either to reach one’s goals.

If one is stuck in the mindset of “paying your dues”, by all means acquire a union job where paying dues will actually accomplish something.  Otherwise~zip it!

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