The “Cost” of your Manicure/Pedicure

There are thousands of nail salons located throughout the USA. Do you pay attention to ALL of the steps that your nail technician takes while performing your service? Here are some things you may want to look for the next time that you get one done!

1.  The nail technician AND client should thoroughly wash their hands with antibacterial soap and warm water or use hand sanitizer.

2.  All implements (metal and disposable) should appear clean. In the state of Ohio, any metal implement that can be disinfected must be first cleaned with soap and warm water and then immersed in hospital grade disinfectant for 10 minutes. Disposable implements such as orange wood sticks and files must be thrown away after each use!

3.  After the nail technician is done with their service, the table and chair should be sprayed and wiped down with barbicide. Does your nail technician do this? Or, do they have you come right on over after they are done with their previous client?

4.  A PROFESSIONAL is supposed to give every client a massage for ANY nail service. Is your nail technician giving you a hand and/or foot massage after the application of Shellac nails, monomer & polymer enhancements, UV gel enhancements, manicure, etc.?

5.   Can your technician clearly communicate with you in English? Can they effectively address your questions and concerns?

6.  Does your technician use a CLEARLY labeled Professional Quality product in the original container?

7.  Are only nail approved products being used?  Or are dental products being added to “improve” the wear time of nail enhancements?

8.  Does your technician really know the difference between Acrylic (Monomer & Polymer) and UV Gel?  You should NEVER be placed under a UV light for more than 3 minutes at a time!!  Are you being charged for “GELS” that are really Acrylic?

9.  Are your acrylics or gel nails being applied close to your cuticle?  Or is a huge gap being left so that you have to come back in faster for fills or reapplication?  Newly applied nails should look like those in the photo below.

Add to the base cost: .17 per mile to your destination

Does driving out of the way REALLY save money?

Things that should be SEEN:  Clean Towel, Barbicide and Disinfectant being used

Things that should NOT be seen: Dirty Implements being thrown into the drawer (Were these used on the person before you?  Are they going to be used on the person after you?),  Blood Spills, Dead Skin on Implements

Possible Costs for improper/non-sterilization of equipment

1.   Onychomycosis – Contagious infection of the nail caused by the same fungal organisms which cause ringworm of the skin.

2.  Onychia—Pathogens getting into small wounds.

3. Onychocryptosis – Ingrown Toenails.

4.  Onycholysis —  Injury to the Matrix Bed, Illness.

5.  Onychoptosis – Shredding of one of more nails in whole or part, results in fever, trauma, systematic upsets.

6.  Paronychia – Bacterial or Fungal infection where the nail and skin meet.

7. Hepatitis B–137929333.html

Bargain Services are not always a bargain . . .

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