"You may not sell finished items . . ."

Every time that I read those words on a pattern—I cringe. I especially cringe when this is not stated up front prior to purchase but is proclaimed LOUDLY via email when the PDF that I’ve just paid for is delivered. It’s like a giant “ZING” “I’ve got your money and you’ve been had.” Seriously, why people release patterns and attempt to put restrictions on them is beyond my comprehension. Ignorance maybe or Selfishness.

I really don’t get it.  Don’t they make enough selling the patterns to make it worth their while?  I’ve never cared if somebody made 1 or 1001 finished items from one of my patterns and sold them.

This practice is even more bizarre when the item is a trademarked character. While I don’t have a legal degree; I’m still fairly sure that is a trademark violation which is a BIG–no no. Some companies take a VERY dim view of having their licensed characters reproduced.  The wrath of the avian may descend upon those . . .

So, does copyright  really cover items made from patterns? Have a read at the link below. It states it much better that I could.  http://www.tabberone.com/Trademarks/CopyrightLaw/Patterns.shtml

Now, do I want to make and sell items from the pattern?  No, I do not but probably others do want to have this option.  It’s the principle of placing restrictions on reselling items made from a pattern that I object to.   Mostly, if I want a particular item–I design it myself but sometimes I’m lazy or in a hurry and it’s just easier to buy a pattern and make the item.  It’s also nice to support other artists and see how they present their work.

While the legality of placing restrictions on patterns will no doubt be debated for some time to come~ PLEASE ~IF you’re going to place restrictions on a pattern, have the decency to state so PRIOR to the sale.  I for one will be buying elsewhere.

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