The Original Afghan–An Afghan Hound Crochet Pattern

Through the centuries, oral tradition maintains that the afghan hound was the breed that Noah took on the Ark. Whether merely legend or truth; the afghan hound is a very ancient breed and unlike many others remains virtually free of health issues. Afghan hounds have the habit of flopping on couches and this afghan plays on that humorous quality. Thus with their ancient heritage and ability to get into the oddest positions is born the concept for “The Original Afghan” which will happily grace the back of a sofa or can be opened up fully on a bed. Her giant paws will wrap around one’s neck for a personal lap blanket. She measures 37” nose to the base of the tail, her double thick legs will balance and hold her in place . The mane and sides have hand applied self-fringe. The prominate hip bones are soft-scupted with matching yarn. This afghan makes up quickly on a 9mm hook and super bulky chenille yarn.

The original afghan was inspired by our own afghan hound “Geisha” AKC Pointed-Exclusively Owner Handled Tahkira Angelsun Memoirs

44 Best in Show, Australian, United States, Australian, Indian Grand Champion Karakush in Champagne “Eric”…
Australian Champion Tahkira Karizma “Coco”

When one wins the trust and love of an afghan hound—it is like no other …

This design requires a basic understanding of crochet techniques such as increasing/decreasing, adding on yarn, and ability to make basic crochet stitches. No warranty is implied and no liability is assumed. Results may vary according to tension and skill level. The pattern may not be resold or distributed in ANY form and remains the sole property and copyright 2011 Kelly Lynn Smith DBA Angelsun. Finished afghans may be sold. Credit and Links appreciated.

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