Hatch-A-Long 2015

2-14-15 Eggs arrive! These eggs were shipped in from Missouri and are “Sizzles” ~ a bantam size combination of Silkie and Frizzled Chickens. There is no standard of perfection as they are not a recognized breed. We do not show or breed our chickens but merely have them for pets and of course to enjoy their eggs (which outshine anything purchased in a store). Their eggs are DELICIOUS! I hate to have to buy eggs when production goes down as the taste of the eggs from the store can’t compare.

I had not planned to even hatch eggs this year at all but wanted to add a Red Cochin Frizzle to our flock and wasn’t able to add this variety to the rest of my chick order (6 White Silkie Hens on the way in April–ordered back in November and many varieties were sold out). So, I went on a hatching egg search. It amazes me how some places manage to stay in business when they won’t answer email. I was also unable to locate Frizzle Cochin eggs and thought that the Sizzles might end up being a better blend with our current Silkie flock.

Last year; we hatched our first chicken eggs ever. I have a basic styrofoam incubator and the expected hatch rate is 50% on shipped in eggs. We did two batches with a 50% hatch rate on the first and 80% hatch rate on the second. The eggs were supposed to be Silkie Chickens with a possibility of Showgirls. Ironically; we ended up with over 50% Showgirls but no matter as they are adorable.

I was a little bit upset with the seller on the first batch last year. The eggs were supposed to be from her Best of Breed Winning Silkies. Well, we ended up with four “mutt” chickens which is of course disappointing. The ladies make us delicious eggs and everyone has a permanent home here. Still, one should get what they pay for.

This year’s shipment arrived just fine although USPS Priority 3 Day Tracking failed and I had no updates from the shipment date 2-10 until their arrival at my local post office this morning. We have some very bad weather headed our way. At the moment, it’s 28 degrees F but is to go down to -4 tonight. I’m glad that the eggs got here safely and didn’t get tied up over the long weekend. I ordered 6; the seller included 2 extras and they all arrived safely in perfect condition.
4-SIZZ (Sizzle)
2-SIZZ g (Showgirl)
2-BBS (Blue/Black Splash Silkie)

Sizzle Eggs

At the moment, the eggs are resting in an egg holder with the fat end up. This gives the air cell and contents some time to settle while they warm up to room temperature. I set up the incubator a few days ago, so it all ready for them once they stabilize in 24-48 hours.

2-20-15 I did the first candling at 5 days incubation and am VERY excited to report that I have 8 embryos. This is our first time with 100% fertility. We still have 16 days to go but this is encouraging–especially for shipped eggs.

2-22-15 (Day 7)


Note the Eye Development.



Candling and #7 has a blood ring. Sadly, it is gone. This egg was a Blue/Black Splash Silkie. I have concerns about eggs #2 & #6 which are very porous but will candle again in a few days and then make a determination.


On a happier note, the other eggs seem to be developing normally and movement can be seen inside. We’re now at Day 11–over half way!


Egg #6 had a definite blood ring today and I discarded it. That is the second and last of the blue/black splash eggs. Egg #2 is quite porous but I saw movement today and hopefully it will continue along until hatch day. All of the other eggs look great. We’re still having a super COLD spell here in Ohio with temperatures dropping into the negatives every day. Of course, the eggs are safely inside here under climate controlled conditions and in an incubator.

Looking forward to peeps on March 7!

If you need advice on raising chickens, head on over to http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/ No affiliation other than I’ve found her advice to be sound and on point. I don’t pretend to be any type of bird expert, although we’ve consistently been able to hatch and raise shipped in eggs successfully. At the present time; we’re not sponsored by anyone so rest assured that you get my honest opinion on products and services. Actually, you’ll get that anyway ~ much to some past sponsor’s chagrin. ;)

The Chicken Chick

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Macarons Anyone?

I wanted to try making French Macarons for some time but read that they were very difficult to make, even for experienced pastry chefs. This was my first attempt at macarons and Voila! Success!

Start with a great recipe ~http://allrecipes.com/recipe/macarons/detail.aspx

Almond Flour

To make “fine” sugar, just put in a food processor or blender.

Silicone Baking Set  This set worked out perfectly.  It was bit larger than my air bake pan, so I cut it to fit.


Here are my macarons baking in the oven.  Just fill to within the outer circle on the baking sheet.  The DecoMax “pen” included in the set makes the batter go exactly where you want.

I did increase the baking time to 22 minutes.  I’d advise setting the timer to 15 as directed and then checking.  Ovens/cookie size are both variants.

Let cool sightly and then remove from the silicone sheet.  I found that it worked best NOT to use any baking spray and just put the batter directly on the silicone sheet.


Madagascar Vanilla!  YUM!!

I mixed up the Buttercream Icing from this recipe WITHOUT any flavoring and then divided it up and added the flavoring (Commercial Real Vanilla & Madagascar Vanilla Bean Seeds, Commercial Plum Flavoring) to the smaller portions.


My only regret was that I could not find anything but the star tip for my Wilton Dessert Decorator so the icing is flared rather than smooth.


Here’s the Plum–Purple Food Coloring and Plum Flavoring.

These Macarons were not difficult at all to make.  One just needs a good recipe and the proper tools.  I’m looking forward to trying NEW flavors the next time that I bake.  Raspberry anyone?  ;)  How about Champagne?

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Looking for Great Photo Printing? Try Shutterfly!!


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Reindeer Games Afghan Hound Snood For Sale

Reindeer Games Afghan Hound Snood

Reindeer Games Snood–IN STOCK, READY TO SHIP!  Hand Knit. As shown in Black and Silver. You will receive the exact snood pictured. Size Small. Fits Puppies, Small Female Afghan Hounds or other breeds of similar size. Measures 15″ under chin fully stretched. To fit properly, your dog’s neck should measure 14″ or less. 15″ long.


No warranty is implied and no liability is assumed. ALL snoods should be worn with FULL time adult supervision.


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Welcome to the Breed

An Original Poem by Kelly Lynn Smith

An Original Poem by Kelly Lynn Smith

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What is a Stack?

This is a CANDID photo taken on a small incline in my front yard.

This is a STACK.

This is a FREE STACK.

This is a Reverse STACK.

Please note that ALL of my photos are copyrighted. I also purchased the copyright of the official win photo. This means that you are NOT permitted to copy them, post them to your Facebook Group and make nasty comments.

Declan ~ 22 Months Old

Declan ~ 11 Months Old

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Declan on the Cover at Afghans Online

Declan Owner Handled by Kaitlin Jeanette Smith

Declan Owner Handled by Kaitlin Jeanette Smith

Afghans Online

Full Ad

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Three Days

Three Days
Three Veterinarian Appointments
The Third Day The End, so not even
Three Full Days

Three Days
Zero Platelets, Full CBC
Treatment, Medications
Three Days

Three Days
Three Days

Three Days
Symptoms to Finish
Nothing Worked
Three Days

Three Times
Publicly Questioned
Publicly Harassed
Three Times

Three Days
Days I Will Never Forget
Mourning and Grief Weeks Beyond Those
Three Days

A Lifetime ~ NOT Defined by those
LAST Three Days . . .

Original Poem
©June 26, 2014 Kelly Lynn Smith
ALL Rights Reserved

Tahkira Angelsun Memoirs

Dedicated to the Memory of Geisha
(Tahkira Angelsun Memoirs).
She was Brave and Strong and True,
And was SO very much more than those

Last Three Days.

This poem is an appeal to extend respect and courtesy to those who have lost a beloved canine member of their family.

“At the temple there is a poem called “Loss” carved into the stone. It has three words, but the poet has scratched them out. You cannot read loss, only feel it.” Memoirs of a Geisha

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Declan on the AKC’s Wall at Twitter–Easter Sunday, 4-20-2014

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Declan 19 months

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