Declan 19 months

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Easter Manicure by Kaitlin Jeanette Smith

This beautiful manicure was designed, painted, and modeled by Kaitlin Jeanette Smith.  Kaitlin’s original nail art has traveled around the world.  She has been featured multiple times in Nails Magazine.  Her nails may be purchased online in her Etsy shop at:

“Trouble” the Showgirl Chick from


“Emu” the Showgirl Chick from from

“Swiffer” the Silkie Chick from



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First Hatch–The Chickens @ Angelsun

We decided to add some chickens to our family this year and thought that the Silkies would be a lovely addition for their eggs.  Unfortunately, we were unable to find anyone in the area with this breed so had them shipped in.

So far, all seems to be going well and all of the eggs except 4 showed development.  Below is a video with 3 of the eggs being candled at day 10.

Like many expectant mothers; I decided to prepare the nursery and do some crocheting.  I was inspired to make this set of crocheted Silkie and Showgirl Chickens.  The PDF pattern is for sale in my Etsy shop at:

An Original Design by Kelly Lynn Smith

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Declan’s Unicorn Snood PDF Crochet Pattern

An Original Pattern by Kelly Lynn Smith


New pattern design by Kelly Lynn Smith “Declan’s Unicorn Snood” The PDF crochet pattern is available for $5.99

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On the Wall today at Twitter

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How to SHARE a photo on Facebook

One would think that this would be self explanatory but it seems that many people are confused regarding this process. To share, put the mouse underneath the photo and select the “Share” button. (Obviously, this has to be done on Facebook itself. Below is a screenshot of one of my photos to demonstrate where to click.)

When one “Shares” a photo; it is automatically linked back to the original person who posted the photo. They **should** be the owner and copyright holder, and sharing will credit them as such.

Saving a photo and then uploading it is NOT sharing. This is misrepresenting oneself as the owner of the photo/material and is STEALING. Theft of intellectual property is against the TOS (Terms of Service) of Internet Providers. It is also a violation of International copyright law.

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Christmas Manicure by Kaitlin Jeanette Smith

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Sugar Plum Pedicure

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Ten things that I have learned from Facebook

1.  If you get a new dog; it is automatically assumed that you have zero experience in anything.

2.  Regardless of the win; you are still not presenting your dog properly.

3. Your clothing no matter the color, expense, or tailoring does not show off the dog correctly.

4.  Never put up a video of your dog when requested. It is not dynamic enough and you need help from your competition.

5.  Any photo can and will be critiqued to the Nth degree. It is your fault for putting them up and we are entitled to do this. The photos are just not good enough even if they have been in national publication , however; they are great to steal and use without permission.

6.  The failure to respond to certain advances means that you are both “fat” and “gay”. This still applies to you, your daughter and ALL dog show ladies and men regardless of actual weight, sexuality, or marital status. (I was somewhat confused on this person’s point as well.)

Editor’s Note: Apparently, some people have the mental maturity of a four year old. And for the record; personally, I don’t care what people do in their bedrooms.

7.  You will be verbally sliced, diced and julienned PUBLICLY over a period of days for no good reason other than you posted a great photo of your dog which was officially recognized by a National Dog Show Body and the competition is unhappy. (God help you if it happens twice in the same month.) Back up support is only available to people in the clique and that does NOT include you. Thirty people that you know personally stand by and watch it happen. The only soul who does take up for you is a perfect stranger.

8.  Receiving IMs from persons formerly unknown is not a good thing.  Apparently, they have the power to make sure that your daughter/dog will never be photographed again at a show. (Wow!  Who knew? LOL)

9.  Never mention the words “show dog” if any pet or rescue people are present.

10.  Even if you agree with someone; this will be questioned.  No attempted good deed will go unpunished.

“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

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Sugar Plum Gelish Manicure

For the “Sweet Tooth” in everyone, sure to please!!  These nails are hand- painted by Kaitlin Jeanette Smith in Night Reflections Gelish® with enhancements.  See more of her nail art at:

The delicious JellyBelly Sugar Plums can be purchased from jellybeanguru.






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